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Our Company is Established to make broadcasting-quality equipments such as encoders and decoders.
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New Encoder On Display at 2016 NAB Show Supports DOLBY AC-4, MPEG-H Audio, High Dynamic Range, and Wide Color Gamut with Reliable System-On-Chip Design

LAS VEGAS, NV – April 12, 2016 – The first broadcast encoder deployed to transmit 4K Ultra HDTV is the DS Broadcast BGE9000, first introduced last fall and now being used in 4K trials in South Korea.  NAB Show attendees can experience BGE9000 encoder system demo at DS Broadcast’s booth SU6807 at NAB 2016.
The DS Broadcast enhanced broadcast encoder system is designed to enable 4K Ultra HDTV transmissions in Korea and the latest capabilities of the DS Broadcast BGE9000 encoding system are on display next week on the exhibit floor of the 2016 NAB Show, which opens Monday in Las Vegas.
“We’re delighted that Korea’s two major broadcast networks have selected the DS Broadcast BGE9000 encoder system for their field trials.  Our equipment will enable 4K demonstrations planned at next week’s NAB Show in Las Vegas, where a special Korean technology exhibit in the South Hall Futures Park will showcase how broadcasters are preparing for the next big leap in television,” said Chris Lee, Vice President of Marketing for DS Broadcast.  “One key benefit of using the DS Broadcast BGE9000 is exceptionally low latency, which is ideal for live 4K broadcasting.  Our encoding platform also supports High Dynamic Range and Wide Color Gamut requirements.”
Enhanced since its introduction last fall, the DS Broadcast BGE9000 encoder system now features support for Dolby AC-4 audio and MPEG-H audio as well as 4K Ultra HD encoding and four Full HD (FHD) encoding streams in real time.  The BGE9000 is designed with hybrid capabilities, as a dedicated 4K Ultra HD / HEVC System-On-Chip (SoC) encoder it is used for video encoding while audio encoding and multiplex are done in a programmable embedded processors and a high performance CPU.  Most video encoders use software-based encoding rather than a more stable SoC solution designed into the DS Broadcast BGE9000 encoder.
The BGE9000 Ultra HD Compression/Multiplexing encoder is the best fit for the deployment of ATSC 3.0 services and the encoder is designed to deliver the highest quality of video and audio to viewers.  To fully support for ATSC 3.0, several next-generation standards such like HEVC video encoding, Dolby AC-4 audio encoding, MPEG-H audio encoding, and ROUTE/MMTP multiplexing are required.
“Our BGE9000 ATSC 3.0 Encoder System was designed to meet all these requirements, and astonishingly we were able to fit all of these functionalities into a single rack unit that is very space efficient,” Lee explained.
The BGE9000 delivers the highest quality Ultra HD video and immersive sound, and is designed for exceptional reliability with stable operation during its lifetime, guaranteed Mean Time Between Failures of over 50,000 hours.
Inputs to the encoder are 12G-SDI or 4x 3G-SDI.  Outputs are IP or MPEG-2 TS over ASI.
One more important feature of BGE9000 is that it supports Precision Time Protocol (IEEE 1588 v2) to enable accurate system synchronization of ATSC 3.0 services.
Upconversion Transcoder Also Available
DS Broadcast is also offering a broadcast quality HD-to-4K Ultra HD upconversion transcoder, model BGX2400, which employs an SSSR (Self-Similarity based Super Resolution) system. The BGX2400 is designed specifically for HD-quality original video content owners.  The BGX2400 transcoder supports various input container formats and video codecs, upconverts to 4K Ultra HD video, and then writes back to the specified output format.  It is also equipped with HDMI 2.0 to check upconverted images.

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